Anonymous said: why you mad tho Huda


you know when your parents order pizza and you really really want some but you’re so mad that you don’t want some?

Anonymous said: what happened to your brothers tumblr? he used to run a blog peaceful-state-of-mind right?

do I look like I care what blog he ran, seriously

(no disrespect intended honestly, but I could care less).

I spent Eid in my scrubs. How cute.


Eid Mubarak everyone! May we all implement the good habits that we learned this month into our daily lives. On this day, don’t forget to pray for all the oppressed in the world, all your deceased loved ones, all those who didn’t make it to Eid this year with us, and most importantly, pray for the appearance of our Awaited Imam (aj).

God bless ! <3

what I learned from today’s lecture:

-our desires are our worst enemies

-spend your free time wisely

-always make your bed

oh and there’s a 95% chance eid is on Tuesday


Besides the countless lives Iraq is losing, another heartbreaking reality is the destruction of heritage. A 1300 year old Shia mosque, ancient libraries filled with original and limited copies of books that can’t be replaced, the ancient Assyrian artifacts and churches that have stood centuries before Iraq itself. Thousands of years of history, destroyed in a single second.

(via iraqonly)